The Language of Creation


Joe Sanginario

Co-founder, Authentic Self

I’m in love with the process of learning French. It’s challenging, but each lesson is a discovery of another way of thinking and interpreting the world. I’m fascinated by the difference between the contextual meaning of a language versus the literal translation of it. In fact, too much literal translation and you could misinterpret the message entirely. Too much context, and you might assign more meaning than necessary. Finding the right balance between context and translation is the key to achieving a greater understanding in French, and more broadly, a theme that's consistent in the creative art of living. 

This interesting nuance between language and meaning is a similar reflection on human consciousness and the complexities of properly integrating the structural elements of the “self”. As with language, context and translation are critical to the evolution of our being. As our physical bodies develop and evolve, so too does our psyche. Consciousness can be defined as the psyche's progressive interpretation of reality through the inner archetypal stages and patterns that form our "cause & effect" experience of events. Said more practically, as the psyche develops over time, we experience an evolving interpretation of reality. For example, a trip to Paris five years ago might yield a completely different experience than taking a trip today. Additionally, reading a book at a particular point in time might connect you more deeply with a relevant, subjective experience of the psyche at that moment. As such, the introspective questions of "what are you paying attention to?" and "what are you training your mind for?” are of great consequence to properly translating, contextualizing, and deriving meaning from life. The ordering, strengthening, and expanding of consciousness becomes the creative force of the human experience and where all potential exists. 

We should consider the development of the psyche as the most urgent and pressing matter of humanity. For where consciousness goes, life flows, and we must be accountable for that. We mustn't give it away to the non-trivial or to external circumstances and extrinsic goals. There is a discipline or development of the mind that’s required before we can fully express and manifest the highest version of ourselves. First, we must maintain a healthy physical body which produces the maximum amount of energy. Secondly, we can then channel that additional energy and attention to accelerating the development of the psyche. Lastly, as the psyche begins to integrate and align with the elements of the self, we expand conscious awareness by consistently re-organizing ourselves to interpret and create our reality in a more authentic way. In this process, we begin to learn what to pay attention to and how to act in a manner that’s congruent with the truest nature of our being. This is the language of creation. 

To realize our divine nature, we must learn to interpret the language of creation.

The first stage of creation is observing a reality that unfolds before us. We then translate this reality through the thoughts, feelings, and language of the mind. The second stage of creation is our ability to exercise choice at this moment of observation, to go inward, connect more deeply with ourselves and discover our intrinsic values. This is how we transition from being merely an observer of a reality that happens to us to a participator in the creation of it. We have the empowering opportunity to choose how we interpret and how we respond. Through this act of connecting with our inner experience and receiving guidance, we’re able to create from a place of presence and love rather than ego and fear. The third stage of creation is taking action, manifesting your highest self in the physical world and then detaching from the outcome. We must remove our judgements and relax into the powerful, creative force of uncertainty. When the mind can't predict the future and we shed our attachments of how we think it should be, we're able to allow the psyche to create the exact experiences we need to teach us what we already know - that everything is possible. The fourth stage of creation is re-incorporating the learning of your experience back inwardly and to continue the process of expanding conscious awareness through the development of the psyche.

There can be no discovery of the true nature of reality without this experiential element.

This is not just about the sciences of biology and psychology, nor just the process of reason, language and learning, but it's perhaps most importantly, the inward human experience that can’t be interpreted with words alone. It must be felt. This true, authentic feeling can become the rudder, guiding our decision making process towards the creation of a reality that’s aligned with our deepest values. As with translating any language (including the language of creation) blending observation, reason, context, and the inner experience with our creative power of “choice” is the means to achieving a greater understanding of ourselves and the infinite potential within us.