Unsatisfied with existing approaches to cultivating health and wellness, we set out to create one.


We believe that health is an authentic and intentional use of time, energy and attention. Our programs are designed to develop resilience, enable peak performance and cultivate meaning & purpose. We provide the tools to streamline your life trajectory with what's important to you. 


Our Team


Joe Sanginario

Entrepreneur & Investor

The framework for the Authentic Self program was created through my own experimentation with personal development over a 5-year period. The simple mission of "becoming the best version of myself" had eventually turned into an incredible spiritual journey of finding empowerment, shedding false identities, embracing the uncertainty of entrepreneurship and relaxing into truth about the gifts I could give to the world. In this experience, I learned that developing awareness to where we direct time, energy and attention is the true creative force in our lives. That cultivating and organizing consciousness is a technical skill that can be learned and improved upon. And when it's directed with intent, we have the innate ability to become the creators of our reality. 

Our objective at Authentic Self is to allow both the space and the continued guidance for your own spiritual journey to unfold. By your design. One that we hope leaves you positively enraptured and enthusiastic about all the contents of life, recognizing that everything is possible - and you are the creator.  


William Jackson, Psy.D.

Clinical Health Psychology

I cofounded Authentic Self to address the lack of a comprehensive health and wellness system. I wanted to go beyond disconnected healthcare providers or your neighborhood yoga teacher, and create something that pulls together the components of what it takes to flourish, a system you can rely on that stays relevant as you evolve as a person.

 Over the past 15 years I trained as a Buddhist monk and then as a clinical health psychologist. During that time I developed a practice and experiential workshop system. Authentic Self takes it to the next level combining the essential disciplines, technology and people to make and sustain meaningful change.


Dr. Mary Pardee NMD

Naturopathic/Functional Medicine Doctor

My personal journey in the medical model (both conventional and alternative) has made me realize that our beliefs and our thoughts dramatically impact our physical health. Authentic Self provides clients with the tools to pursue their life purpose; it is the missing link in modern and alternative health models. 

In addition to Authentic Self, I am the founder of Beyond Optimal, a virtual wellness consulting company that aims to enhance clients' cognitive function and optimize life performance. At Beyond Optimal we push health boundaries beyond the status quo, enabling peak health.

I specializing in gastrointestinal health, brain performance and energy enhancement.

The team itself, with their diverse backgrounds and perspectives, clearly have the commonality of care for others and for helping improve the human condition on an individual basis. I would highly recommend attending an Authentic Self workshop to learn from the experience of this team as well as the other great people that are there to help share their journeys and support yours.
— Dr. M